Importance of Innovation: Recreating the Aseptic Liquid Packaging Ecosystem

Importance of Innovation: Recreating the Aseptic Liquid Packaging Ecosystem

Innovation is one of the most preferred and used words in business. And why not; innovation is the essence of evolution. In simple words, innovation is about successfully implementing a new idea and creating value for your customers and stakeholders.

Every business that fights stagnation innovates itself to evolve and stay relevant. Aseptic liquid packaging is one such business in India that remained cramped within the walls of stagnation and monotonic processes. The industry had to depend on age-old designs and packaging machines that were technologically obsolete and required unwarranted attention now and then.

Packaging is one of the most important ingredients of a complete branding ecosystem. Intelligent packaging not only keeps the product safe but also makes it attractive and persuasive for consumers. The aseptic liquid packaging industry desperately missed the design aesthetics and thus required a much-needed innovation. There was a gap, and someone needed to mend it innovatively.

Asepto, the aseptic liquid packaging business of UFlex Group, grabbed this opportunity with open hands. Asepto has successfully familiarized multiple aseptic liquid packaging solutions with innovative designs and concepts. It helped the industry with an option to shift from age-old and outdated packaging solutions. As the beverage packaging industry needed a value addition in the packaging designs that could create a lasting differentiation at the point of sale, Asepto pioneered a few path-breaking design innovations that redefined the complete meaning of aseptic liquid packaging.

Asepto’s first cutting-edge technological innovation, Foil Stamping, adds finesse to the brand from the outside as it keeps the product fresh and safe from the inside, empowering the product to beat the shelf and stand out of the crowd at the Point of Sale. Similar to Foil Stamping, 3D Holography printing on aseptic liquid packaging cartons is a time-honoured technique with a ripple concave lens technology that creates 3-D effects on the aseptic packs. It allows customization as per the design’s requirements, offering a variety of propositions in terms of shapes and sizes. Industry always welcomes innovation that disrupts the market positively and adds value to the overall ecosystem. Asepto created value with its innovative designs, cutting-edge technologies, and honest efforts. Within four years since its inception, Asepto has become the world’s fastest-growing aseptic liquid packaging company. Today, Asepto is serving more than 200 companies spread across 40 countries globally.

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