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The real innovation that separates ASEPTO  from other beverage packaging is its uniqueness to offer smarter pack versions that promise to deliver high visibility value with a strong attraction quotient. ASEPTO is proud to launch ASEPTO SPARK and ASEPTO PREMIUM.

ASEPTO SPARK offers a unique holographic and metallic pack range, giving our customers endless possibilities to give an evolutionary edge to their existing packs, or altogether create a new brand proposition to their existing line of products. ASEPTO SPARK enhances the aesthetic and functional elements of the carton packs significantly, giving a distinct identity with ease for enhanced shelf impact.

It is a unique offering from the ASEPTO brand that has redefined the making of carton packs into an art form. The metallic look achieved through flexo printing technology give the option of foil stamping, embossing and 3-D Fresnel Lens holographic effects bring a distinguishing feature to the packs like never before. Not only these features enhance the identity of packs, they act anti-counterfeit features, nailing any scope of product packaging duplicity. ASEPTO PREMIUM certainly gives beverage companies a great option to increase their product lines with premium brands without contemplating much about creating a sophisticated look for the packs.