Revolutionizing the concept of aseptic liquid filling, Uflex Group—the only Indian OEM to manufacture aseptic liquid packaging solutions—presents a ground-breaking machine ASEPTO Smart 78, which promises to give sheer power, performance and sophisticated filling solutions to the beverages industry

The one-of-its-kind machine, fully integrated with latest technologies, is highly automated and sophisticated—allowing smart approach for operational efficiency. In fact, the operational cost of the machine is much less with an optimal (low) TCO (total cost of ownership).

The power-packed machine is a significant step ahead over the immediate previous generation of aseptic liquid filling machines, delivering an output of 7,800 packs per hour. ASEPTO Smart 78 is designed to process packs 100ml, 125ml, 160ml and 200ml for convenient and smart packaging needs meeting desired customer expectations

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